Advanced wireless security keypads that connect with HomeTouch® remote security and home automation.
    The industry's leading wireless touchscreen security keypads offer more convenience than the traditional wired system.

    The 2GIG Go!

    Control brings a user-friendly touchscreen color interface and built-in Z-Wave technology for remote operation. Packed full of features, the system allows users to control lighting, communicate with Monitronics' Alarm Response Center, display weather information and arm or disarm at the touch of a button. The Go!Control Control keypad also boasts a 24-hour backup battery and over-the-air system updates.

    The Interlogix Simon XTi

    is a fully featured home security system encompassing the latest in advanced security equipment. Using wireless technology, the Simon XTi eliminates the hassle of wires and includes a built-in two-way voice speaker and microphone, silent mode and panic buttons. The keypad also has Z-Wave technology and allows for mobile remote control on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

    The Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100

    blends high-end security features with Z-Wave technology, giving users the opportunity to arm their homes and control lighting and appliances at the same time. The large full-color touchscreen and graphic icons make using the control keypad easy to navigate. Wireless technology allows for remote access on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Add eyes to your security system. Studies show that burglars think twice when a home is armed with video surveillance. Record all activity around your home at all times.

    The Image Sensor

    is an advanced motion sensor with a built-in camera that can capture images, even in the dark, and allows you to visually check on your property whenever motion is detected. You can access images online or receive emails and text messages when a new image is taken.

    Outdoor Wireless Camera with Night vision

    Delivering 720p HD live and recorded footage with superior quality in day and night conditions, the Outdoor Wireless Camera with Night Vision offers leading surveillance security. Users can view footage on a computer, smartphone or tablet and receive video alerts via text or email when motion is detected.

    Indoor Wireless Fixed Camera with Night Vision

    The Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Security Camera offers live and recorded video in 720p HD that can be viewed remotely. The indoor camera can be manually panned on your Web browser and set to record the moment motion is detected. Users can receive text and email messages when the camera is activated.

    Indoor Wireless Fixed Camera

    Keep a watch over your home with the Indoor Wireless Fixed Camera. Users can remotely watch live and recorded video in full color 720p HD on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Video alerts are also sent via text message and email.

    There's a wide variety of detectors and sensors to help protect the overall security and wellness of your home.
    Get the latest in home detection technology. Advanced sensors are designed to detect dangers in your home.

    Door/Window Sensors

    Using highly sensitive magnets, door/window sensors send a signal to your control panel if doors or windows are opened by just an inch. Sensors can be placed on all doors, windows and sliders, providing low-power operation to maximize battery life and giving unparalleled protection to the perimeter of your home.

    Moisture Sensors

    Monitoring the water levels in your home at all times, moisture sensors alert you to leaks that could cause flooding and potentially damage your home’s walls, floors and possessions. Water sensors can be placed in areas where flooding is possible or near appliances that are connected to water lines.

    Motion Detector

    Advanced motion detectors monitor open areas up to a range of 35 feet, triggering your alarm system by movement and body heat. This infrared detector can be used in your home, yard or garage and can differentiate between pets and humans passing through its field of vision, preventing false alarms.

    Glass Break Detector

    Glass break detectors are an economical way to protect your home against the threat of broken windows as a point of entry. These highly sensitive devices can be installed on walls and ceilings to cover all windows within a range of 25 feet, detecting the frequency and pitch of breaking glass and triggering your alarm.

    Freeze Sensor

    Monitoring temperature levels in your home at all times, freeze sensors are designed to give preventative alerts when the temperature drops low enough to potentially cause broken or frozen pipes.

    Pet-Immune Motion Sensor

    This type of motion sensor allows pets to move around your home without triggering your alarm. The passive infrared sensor differentiates between pets and humans based on body heat. Smaller changes in temperature due to a pet’s lighter body weight will not set off the alarm.

    Shock Sensor

    Shock sensors detect vibrations made by an intruder attempting to break doors or windows as a point of entry into your home.

    Garage Sensor

    Installed on the interior side of garage doors and sheds, garage sensors transmit a signal to your monitored security system when the door is opened or closed.

    Fire and Heat Detectors

    Fire and heat detectors gauge dangerous levels of smoke and heat in your home, even when your alarm is disarmed.
    Early detection and quick response from Monitronics is critical to keeping your home and loved ones safe.

    Smoke Detector

    Smoke detectors are able to sense smoke and trigger your alarm to alert you of danger. All detectors are monitored 24/7, providing an emergency response from Monitronics whether you're home or away.

    Heat Detector

    A valuable device to pair with smoke detectors, heat detectors help protect your home from the threat of fire by monitoring and sensing dangerously high temperatures.

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    These sensors detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and alert Monitronics.
    Protect yourself from the silent killer. CO sensors detect the presence of carbon monoxide in your home before it's too late.

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Carbon monoxide detectors are designed to detect this “silent killer” 24/7 and alert our Alarm Response Center within seconds, even when your security system is disarmed.

    Keychain Remotes

    The keychain remote lets you engage your system at home without being in front of your alarm panel.
    Providing you with convenient remote control of your security system up to 100 feet away.

    Keychain Remote

    The keychain remote brings convenience and portability to your security system. No bigger than a car remote, the keychain remote can be used to arm and disarm your system from a distance up to 100 feet with the simple click of a button, providing peace of mind that your alarm can be remotely armed.

    Panic Button Keychain Remote

    The panic button keychain remote is an ideal security device designed to fit easily into a pocket or purse. If you find yourself under threat from an intruder, the panic button keychain remote can be used to let out a loud, piercing signal to scare attackers and alert our Alarm Response Center that you're in immediate danger.

    Appliance/Lighting Control

    How much energy do you waste when you're gone? Use HomeTouch appliance management.
    Using HomeTouch interactive services, you can remotely control your home's lights and potentially reduce your energy bills. Create light schedules and automatic event-triggered lighting rules designed to fit your routine.

    Appliance Module

    The Appliance Module is designed to provide On/Off control to certain household appliances remotely. It plugs into a wall outlet and electrical loads can then be plugged into the module for remote operation. Designed to control both resistive and inductive lamps, lights connected to the Lamp Switch with Dimmer can be operated remotely or manually using the traditional paddle switch. Lights can be turned on and off at the push of a button, making this device the ideal solution for controlling and automating your lights.


    Smart thermostats can be controlled both locally and remotely to help you conserve energy at home.
    Remotely adjust your home's thermostats and save energy using HomeTouch interactive services.

    Honeywell Z-Wave ThermostatThe Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat brings comfort and better energy conservation to home users. Using advanced Z-Wave technology, the thermostat can alternate between heating and cooling based on temperature settings, and also provide reminders when air filters need cleaning or changing and fan circulation. It's designed for remote use on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat

    Compatible with all standard heating and cooling systems, the Advanced Z-Wave Thermostat has a large touchscreen allowing simple temperature control, fan settings and 7-day programming. The thermostat can be controlled both locally and remotely using a computer, smartphone or tablet, giving users the power to operate heating and cooling from almost anywhere.

    Trane Z-Wave Remote Thermostat

    The Trane Z-Wave Remote Thermostat is one of the most advanced products on the market, offering convenient new ways to control heating and cooling. Installing this thermostat will allow users to monitor and control thermostat settings from almost anywhere using a computer, smartphone or tablet, effectively managing energy and reducing fuel bills.

    Medical Alerts

    One click of the pendant's button alerts our Alarm Response Center that you need medical assistance.
    With the touch of a button, you'll get the professional help you need during a medical emergency.

    Medical PendantMedical pendants are designed to help seniors and those with medical conditions remain self-sufficient. If there's ever a medical emergency, our immediate assistance comes with just a touch of your button.

    Medical Watch

    Working just like a medical pendant, the medical watch is worn around your wrist for quick and convenient access to your panic button during a medical emergency.

    Digital Door Locks

    You never have to give out a key again. Electronic locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely.
    Using HomeTouch interactive services, you have total remote control of your home's locks.

    SmartCode Deadbolt with Z-Wave TechnologyThe Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt’s wireless technology enables customers to remotely lock and unlock their door and check their door’s status using a computer, smartphone or tablet. (Available in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze)

    SmartCode Lever Lock with Z-Wave Technology

    The Kwikset SmartCode Lever Lock offers tough protection on doors that don't need the extra security of a deadbolt. Its wireless technology lets customers remotely lock and unlock and check their door's status using a computer, smartphone or tablet. (Available in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze)